Unity3D: Simple Player Movement — 1

How to set up the scene and player for a 2D Space Shooter game.

This article will demonstrate how to create a scene with a player so we may begin making our 2D game.

In Unity, click File\NewProject. Save as “2D Space Shooter”. It should appear like the image below.

We are going to create a player. For now, the shape will be cube that will serve as our placeholder.

Right-click in the Hierarchy window and click 3D Object\Cube. Name it Player.

We will create one folders labeled Materials. It will store the material appearance that will later be applied to Player.

To do so, right-click on Assets and select New Folder. Label it Materials.

Right-click on the Materials folder and select Create\Material. Name it Player_mat.

Drag the Player_mat to the Player in the Hierarchy window.

The color of the Player cube can now be changed in the inspector window.

Our game’s background will not be the skybox. It will be black. To change this, left-click on Main Camera in the Hierarchy.

In the Inspector window, go to the Clear Flag setting under Camera and change it from Skybox to Solid Color. Change the Background color to black.

At this point, we have a place-holder player within a scene. The next article will cover how to add simple player motion with controls.



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