Get your game working, then pretty it up.

An expanding list of assets in Unity3D provided by GameDevHQ.

There are a few key reasons why it is best to wait before adding assets to a game:

  1. Game Structure
  2. Debugging and Testing
  3. Time for Artists

Game Structure: Game assets are what makes a game beautiful, but they mean nothing if a…

….It is like a function, but you run it on the side.

Specific to Unity3D, coroutines are like functions that run in intervals. Given conditions, it will run and pause within a designated time span as opposed to running in its entirety within a frame.

If something changes over time…

…How to cooldown the rate of fire for a 2D Space Shooter Game.

Objective: The lasers in a space shooter need to have a fire rate so the player has a cooldown.

In order to create the cooldown, we need to write logic that will add a delay whenever the…

…Why programmers should write psuedo code within their real code.

Pseudo code is another term for making comments within one’s code in order to help explain what is going on within a program. This can be for the benefit of the sole programmer or for the benefit of others who…

Caleb Breuner

Apprentice at GamedevHQ.

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